grandmothers who inspired us across the world

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This is Merry Adler’s first published book, Grandmothers Who Inspired Us Across The World.  She dedicated this unique collection of heartfelt memoirs to her own maternal grandmother who inspired her to create this anthology.


Thirty-one loving grandchildren were interviewed by Merry and it is their unique perspective and genuine reflections of their grandmothers that will indeed inspire countless readers. 


One third of the grandmothers in this compendium were born outside the United States.  Such countries are: China, Colombia (South America), France, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Syria, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. 


As Merry offers the readers, “A good loving grandmother is no different whether she lives in Mississippi or Morocco. The languages of these grandmothers, their culture and their religions may vary but their love is the same.”

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