Letter defending Simon Wiesenthal. Anger and Reaction (ANGRIFF and REAKTIONI), Vienna, Austria, 1970.   

Simon Wiesenthal was a remarkable man who survived Auschwitz and who pursued nearly 1000 Nazi war criminals by bringing them to justice.  Merry Adler defended his cause to Dr. Bruno Kreisky, Chancellor of Austria, who tried to silence him and his documentation center. Her letter, along with many others including a US Senator, was published in German.

Daughter’s Legacy Inspires Hope. Legacy / National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Summer, Denver, CO, 2003, Page 4.

Merry became acquainted with the MS Society, both on the National level and local chapter, in Washington, DC. She shared her story of growing up with a parent who was afflicted with MS. 

Holy Cross Hospital Enriches Learning Experience, Preceptors and Mentors Offer Benefits from Their Experience, Page 12, Sunday Healthcare General, The Washington Post, June 22, 2008.

In her interview with Carol Sorgen, reporter,  Merry discussed the mentoring program which she spearheaded. The goal of the program was to enrich the professional learning experience of new nurses by pairing them with a seasoned professional who would nurture, develop, coach, advise and demonstrate clinical nursing excellence for a year or more.

Collection of Unpublished Poems

1975 - 1986 

“Lost in Your Arms”

“A Mother’s Portrait”

“Death and Divorce”

“Past, Present and Future”

….. “A Three Act Play”

“The Sons of Men I’ve Known”

“Listening To Our Trees...

 This is What They Say”


“Ode To My Unborn Child”


“Hold On Jenny”

“Just Two Days Ago”

“The Dance”


“We Saw You a Week Ago”

“Farewell Jenny”

“My Baby Was Due Today”

One is White, Two is Green, to NPR’s, This I Believe, Inc., March, 12, 2008.

It was subsequently accepted and available to read online, on the National Public Radio, (NPR) website.

Clinical Insight, Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD, 2007-2008.
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Merry Adler was Managing Editor, March, 2007-2008. A comprehensive, quarterly newsletter with a readership of over 1000 nurses.