Merry Adler was born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised in West Hartford.  Boston became her second home where she worked in four Harvard-affiliated hospitals as an Administrative Assistant.  Her last destination took her to Washington, DC where she graduated with both her BA and MA degrees in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University.  She held three directorship positions in major hospitals in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

Healthcare, particularly for the elderly, has always been Merry’s passion and vocation of choice.  “I have long believed and witnessed in my career that seniors, in general, are often undervalued in our society.” Her experience with the senior population, to name only a few, ranged from myriad projects related to the first Seniors Emergency Center in the United States, managing operations of dementia conferences and providing presentations on "How To Make An Emergency Room Visit A Safe One" to senior communities.

Merry has written two children’s books, an essay and enjoys writing poetry.